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Lots of us will have to change lifestyles to conserve energy

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To The Daily Sun,

Our cities glow at night, consuming fossil fuels. Seven or eight million motor vehicles emit fumes every day, especially while idling. Football games are often at night, using electricity instead of the free light of day. Incandescent bulbs are still legal.

The Colorado River doesn't have enough water to supply our growing needs, much less feed golf courses in desert states. Then there's West Virginia. These are small parts of a world problem. People are really "literally killing" each other for water.

Global corporations are taking land from people who can't prove ownership, and changing its ecology to make money.

Desertification is spreading.

We are on the brink of building the Keystone Pipeline, another answer to the question, "How dumb can we get?". A 'no-brainer' to the uneducated.
Oil is getting harder to find, and will become more and more expensive, affecting food prices.

Energy Tomorrow has a slick ad on TV for "fracking". Know anything about that? It can be Googled.

The burning of coal is polluting our air, more and more every day.

Will global population reach 9 billion by2050? I think 4 billion is more likely. Hundreds of thousands are already dying from starvation every day. Lots of us will have to change our lifestyles as energy becomes more expensive -- shorter showers, LED bulbs, solar collectors. We still think that the economy is more important than the environment.
TransitionUS is a website concerned with life after oil. Permaculture is about producing food sustainably, renewing topsoil. Anything else on the plus side?

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich