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The number of residents joining Briarcrest co-op has doubled

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To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Briarcrest Estates, I understand why people are confused and leery of becoming a co-op. I spent some time looking into co-ops and got a better understanding of how they came about.

Some of the co-ops in our area seem to be run-down and not worth much to us. Those are people's homes -- all that they have in some cases. They purchased them many years ago and they have struggled on a fixed income like many people today.

They did not have the good fortune to have the Mooneys as their park owners. They had an owner who took their rent and did nothing to improve or maintain the park. When those people were faced with the sale of their park they only had one choice, to become a co-op in order to keep their home.

They did not cause the park deteriorate as some people might think. Instead, they purchased it in that condition in order to have a place to live. What we look at and see as a run-down park would have been purchased by someone with the sole purpose of making money. In those cases, the people would have been given 18 months to sell, (which is impossible) or to just move out so the entire park could be redeveloped for someone else's profit. But where would these people move to?

Big business would make us a number. We would have no say if they decided to redevelop any portion of this land. We would stand the chance in a few short years to be resold after they have made their profit. I do not want to be known as #642 NH!

Fortunately we are in a position to buy a beautiful park. It is affordable because there is no profit in it for us. We are buying peace of mind and security. Every one of us will own equal amounts. Every one of us will have a voice. Better financing rates and better homeowner's insurance rates.

The number of residents joining the co-op has more than doubled. Any questions you have will be answered. There is no dissension at the meetings as there was in the beginning. Many residents who were opposed, have joined because they have a better understanding after attending the meetings.

Mark Mooney himself has suggested in his letter that we all come together.

Come to the meetings. Get informed.

MaryLou Blaisdell