In my view, it's extreme to oppose a right that courts have upheld

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To The Daily Sun,

It is unfortunate that some of Joe Kenney's supporters were outraged that I "viciously attacked" the candidate. I certainly did not attack him personally nor did I attack his character. I do not know him. He probably is a very nice guy. And, I do thank him for serving his country. I also apologize for misspelling his name.

My characterization of Mr. Kenney as an "extremist" had nothing to do with him personally and certainly nothing to do with his honorable military record. The word "extremist" was merely descriptive and based solely on his political record.

Politicians who would deny a woman the right to make their own reproductive decisions (and Mr. Kenney has made it clear that it what he wants) are, in my view, "extreme" in the political sense, especially since the courts have repeatedly upheld that right.

That does not mean that he is not a good man, a patriot, or a good neighbor. It is simply descriptive of the views he has expressed as a New Hampshire state senator.

E. Scott Cracraft