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We desperately need new leadership in Bristol; vote on March 11

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To The Daily Sun,

Attention all Bristol residents:

Want to see what is wrong with Bristol's leadership and why your rents and property taxes keep going up up up? Just watch the Feb. 6 Bristol Selectboard video, especially part 2. Kudos to Garlyn Manganiello for bringing to light some serious problems with the town leadership who have apparently excluded our two new selectwomen from very important issues that I will address separately, but even more outrageous to me is what follows next.

Resident Paul Simard explains his concerns about the outrageous taxes and excessive spending in Bristol. He says the town of Weare has 9,000 residents, three times the size of Bristol, yet their total budget is only about $5,100,000 (similar to Bristol's budget), indicating that Bristol just spends too much. Paul asks the Board to review the Bristol ambulance contracts that provide 24/7 service to three neighboring towns for $30,000 each, when those towns would pay $300,000 to $400,000 each if they contracted their own ambulance service directly, and that Bristol taxpayers can't afford to pay for neighboring towns' ambulance service. He says, "Let's take care of our own and let other towns do the same." Sounds like common sense, right?

He says lots of people share his wife's sentiment to get the heck out of Bristol, but selling their home would mean losing a lot of money, assuming it sold. When he says Bristol doesn't sell as much property as neighboring towns (at 49:15 Part 2 of the video) one selectman whispers to another selectman, "Let him talk and talk and talk, is that the deal?" Really? A concerned taxpayer explains that they wish they could move from the town you are supposed to represent, but can't sell their house without losing money, assuming it would sell at all, due mainly to the outrageous spending causing high taxes in Bristol, and you don't want to listen to his pleas for five minutes? Isn't that our job as elected officials?

We should never turn a deaf ear to the people we are sworn to represent when they are pleading to stop spending their money faster than they can earn it or giving it away to other towns. Bristol residents, whether you own or rent, please get involved to stop the madness. When property taxes go up, so do rents. We need to reduce spending and lower taxes ASAP.

Please check out Newfound Area Taxpayers on facebook.com, come to Select Board meetings and make your voices heard. Bring your friends, family and neighbors to Meet the Candidates on March 8, 2014, at 11 a.m. at Minot-Sleeper Library. Kudos to Garlyn and all the courageous folks who show up regularly to try to bring some common sense and accountability to the leaders of Bristol. But we need everyone to stand up and fight to save our town now before it is too late. Please don't consider leaving Bristol for the same reasons. Let's work together to fix things now.

The election on March 11th will determine Bristol's future and we desperately need new leadership and your support. Call or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime as I am committed to serving the residents of Bristol and will always make time to listen to you.

Carol Huber