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GOP needs to put forth plan that includes a route out of poverty

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To The Daily Sun,

Wasn't that a lovey speech the president gave at the State Of the Union the other night. Problem is we have heard it all before, promise after promise, but he has made so many promises unkept in the past, how do people still buy into what he says instead of what he does? For five years now he said he was going to create jobs but those he has created have barely kept pace with the population growth and those hurting the most are the very folks he says he wants to help. All those social programs mean nothing without a road out of poverty and dependence on the government, unless dependence is the objective itself.

Republicans and Conservatives haven't a lot of room to puff themselves up and pat one another on the backs either, at least not the leaders who are failing to lead but are content to go along to get along. Not easy for me to say but that's the facts as I see them. I still fail to see anyone of them coming up with a complete plan to get the economy rolling and the poor off welfare and into jobs. Sure over-taxation and regulation could and should be rolled back but is that going to get families on welfare motivated to get a job? I doubt it because making that kind of change can be a huge risk for them. Look, as soon as they get a job all government help stops. No monthly check, no food stamps, health care goes, so why take that kind of risk, heck the whole family could be devastated.How long will a job last, what if for some reason the person fails in a new job for whatever reason? A bird in the hand being worth two in the bush is what happens here in my opinion. Republicans should put forth a plan that includes tax and regulation reform and a route out of poverty. I suggest passing a law that would allow long-term unemployed to get a job and taper off government support. We can and will argue about how long and how much support is enough but unless some kind of viable road map is designed we may as well stop complaining about entitlements and just pay up.
Steve Earle