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Joe Kenney has led a life of service; let's elect him on March 11

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To The Daily Sun,

Why is Michael Cryans running as a shadow of Ray Burton? Who is the real Michael Cryans? .

Ray Burton did not support Omer Ahern, a Republican who was running for re-election in District 2 for Grafton County Commissioner in 2012. Omer has been a great advocate for reigning in Grafton County spending and keeping Grafton County property taxes LOW! Burton and Cryans have consistently opposed Ahern's pro-taxpayer initiatives.

My question again is who is Michael Cryans? Is he for We the People? Is he for lower taxes?

I read an article in the Examiner.com the headline was, " Disturbing: Ray Burton sending e-mails for Michael Cryans from the grave" The e-mails backing Michael Cryans are sent from Ray Burton's e-mail account. The question in the article was why would someone use Burton's e-mail and contacts to push Cryans or any other candidate? Is this ethical? Hundreds of people are getting them! Some voice concern because they were close to Ray and find this in poor taste! A quote from this article is as follows: "Burton cannot speak from the grave and no-one should be sending e-mails in his name to anyone, let alone supporting a candidate that no-one knows for sure Burton actually supported given the choices. Cryans should do himself a favor and ask that the e-mails cease. It would be interesting to know what other information Democrats have gained from whoever is sending these e-mails. Burton most likely had different contacts than Cryans as he was a Republican". Is this manipulation by the Democrats? This is unethical and immoral!

In 1996 Cryans ran against Ray Burton and lost. Clearly Cryans is no Burton. This unethical and unconscionable behavior is unacceptable and the voters should reject this candidate!

Joe Kenney who has led a life of service USMC, selectman, state senator. Please vote the candidate with proven constitutional service and strong ethical principles. Vote for Joe Kenney March 11th!

Rosemary Landry