Marijuana is gateway drug which can lead to cocaine or heroin

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To The Laconia Sun,

I am writing to express my opinion on House Bill 492 which would legalize the use of a certain amount of marijuana. I am opposed to any type of legalization of this use and hope the governor sticks to her word and vetoes this bill.

Marijuana is a "gateway" drug which can and does lead to the use of a stronger drug such as cocaine or worse, heroin.

We spend tens of thousands of dollars on people who must go through rehab, sometimes a number of times, on education in our schools, such as the DARE program, and other initiatives.

I grew up with a father who was a police officer in the 1950s, whose last assignment was commanding a small group of people committed to investigating illicit use of drugs. As a result, I had the opportunity to see first-hand the results of what can happen to the human body. Because of this I became strongly opposed to the use of illegal drugs.

I will never change my opposition to any type of legalization.

Please Ms. Hassan, stick to your principles and veto this bill if it gets to your desk

Bill Knightly