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Logical to provide for GFD staffing with 2 part-time firefighters

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To The Daily Sun,

I have lived in the town of Gilmanton for 18 years. The town is currently better managed by the Board of Selectman than at any previous time in my years here. They are honest and upfront and have done a good job in holding down taxes.

I do not think that the current dispute over hours at the fire department is at all necessary. The selectmen are holding to the line agreed to at the time of hiring of the first working chief (2004). Since Gilmanton has experienced hiring full-time firefighters who receive training and benefits before leaving for greener pastures, it seems logical to provide staffing for that position by using two part-time firefighters. This would not only save the town money in training cost and benefits but could results in greater efficiency due to less turnover.

Jo-Anne Stendor
Gilmanton Iron Works