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Labeling Joe Kenney as an 'extremist' is very much unfair

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To The Daily Sun,

In reading E. Scott Cracraft's recent Laconia Daily Sun letter besmirching Joe Kenney's candidacy for Executive Council, three things came quickly to mind: first, Joe Kenney's opponent sure has a strong supporter in Cracraft; secondly, Cracraft's command of English is superb and he is certainly well educated; third, I found it surprising that a man of such intellectual capacity would be as demeaning as he was to a person whose politics he doesn't agree with.
To accuse Kenney of being anti-worker, anti-education and anti-women was unfair. As I see it, Democratic and Republican legislators alike wouldn't espouse to that kind of nonsense. Though their views may vary on how to serve the general public none are counteracting on such sensitive issues.
Labeling Kenney as an "extremist conservative" was also unfair as it would be for someone to portray Kenney's opponent as a "liberal extremist". Both men are bright and accomplished in the field of politics and both have gained the trust of too many N.H. folks to be viewed as extremists.
Cracraft's denouncement of Kenney's voting record was pretty much one sided, too, when listing a scroll of things that, in his view, Kenney hasn't done well. His negative onslaught on Kenney's voting record brought to mind the 2000 National Football League draft, when the New England Patriots were weighing options on various players before selecting Quarterback Tom Brady. At the "draft table", Coach Bill Belichick listened diligently to a myriad of opinions prior to making the 6th round pick then suddenly stopped all commentary and said: "Okay, stop telling me about all the things Brady can't do. Tell me about the things he can do." Now we all know how that worked out and in my opinion it'll work out in a similar way for New Hampshire if Joe Kenney is elected Tuesday, March 11.

Roland Jutras