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Is Lakemont Coop qualified to oversee a $10 million business?

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To The Daily Sun,

It seems change is becoming more unpredictable in our society these days as witness the potential new ownership of some 240 Briarcrest Estates homes, which has left many residents here confused and wondering what the future holds for them.

Early polls showed that a large majority of the BC home owners favored the original $10 million purchase by Hometown America, Inc., a highly respected firm owning numerous class-home developments across the country. At the same time, a small group of BC home owners formed Lakemont Cooperative, Inc. and with the backing of ROC-NH made known their intention of purchasing the 247- acre development.

Some BC owners worried over what the future lies ahead for them, have even made plans to sell their homes if Lakemont is successful in buying the property. Perhaps, some of their fears and anguish can be abated if the following purchase concerns can be answered and documented:

1. What guarantee do we home owners have that our original leases will be honored to protect residents from paying inflated rental, taxes and property maintenance fees?

2. Is the Lakemont Coop qualified to represent the majority of Briarcrest residents and do they have the professional training and background to oversee and successfully manage what is really a $10 million business?

3. Can the morale, care, friendship and cooperation nourished by current park owners Ruth and Mark Mooney that has provided "a real home" for many Briarcrest seniors, ever be replaced in today's somewhat uncertain and political society?

Hopefully, some definitive communications here (like more Letters to the editor) among all parties including BC home owners, can help reduce the fear and immobility that now seems to exist in this beautiful Belknap Mountain community. We can only hope and see that this will happen.

Hugh & Patt Baird
Briarcrest Estates