Get rid of corruption in DC? Vote out the party responsible for it

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To The Daily Sun,

Let's look at the states where President Obama has high approval ratings. The top six are Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. Now let's look at some of the worst states for taxes. They are New York, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maryland. Do you notice a pattern: high taxes equal a strong Democrat (blue) state.

In New Hampshire, our three Democrat ladies are embracing President Obama's policies. Rep. Kuster even gave President Obama a kiss to solidify her approval. Of course, they are not subject to his policies, including Obamacare. In addition, our three ladies approved raising the minimum wage. However, Reps. Kuster and Shea-Porter have unpaid interns. Of course, 96 percent of the Democrats have unpaid interns. The Democrats practice "Do as I say, not as I do".

We need to vote out Rep.Kuster, period.
We need to vote out Rep. Shea-Porter, period.
We need to vote out Sen. Shaheen, period.

A leading Democrat in New Hampshire asks, "How do we get rid of the corruption in Washington? My answer is vote out the party responsible for the corruption: IRS scandal, Benghazi and Obamacare. What difference will it make, a lot.

Jim Mayotte