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We need an Executive Councilor to take over where Ray left off

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To The Daily Sun,

The voters in Executive Council District #1 will soon have the opportunity to fill the seat long held by Ray Burton. I hope you will join me in supporting Mike Cryans for Executive Council on March 11.

Mike represents the best of New Hampshire values. A native of Littleton and longtime resident of Hanover, Mike offers experience as a public-school educator, as a senior executive in the financial services industry, and as a small businessman running a non-profit social services organization. In addition, Mike has served for 16 years on the Grafton County Commission and worked alongside Ray Burton through all that time.

Mike's work in education, finance, human services and public service makes him the best choice to succeed Ray Burton on the Executive Council. Ray's three surviving siblings — two Republicans and a Democrat — unanimously endorsed Mike Cryans last week, in recognition of Mike's abilities to represent the best interests of District #1.

With 126 separate municipalities and locations covering more than two-thirds of the land mass of our state, District #1 reflects a sweeping diversity of cultural, political and economic circumstances. Ray's great talent was in representing this diversity in his decision-making. Never a strident partisan or a dogmatic ideologue, Ray was the master of the productive compromise. The only thing Ray never compromised on was his love and respect for the North Country.

We need an Executive Councilor to pick up where Ray Burton left off. Mike Cryans will bring the breadth of experience and the depth of good judgment that the Executive Council requires. Please mark your calendars and cast your vote for Mike Cryans on March 11.

Paul Phillips