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Obama is a crazy man who continually demonizes business

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To The Daily Sun,

Nick Vazzana of socialist-soaked Sandwich drones us all to sleep again with another lesson in failed "donkeynomics". Nick alleges to have have run some company for 30 years. Put that down as the 8th Wonder of the World. It is more than clear this man knows squat about how basic economic principles, incentives and taxation ( or lack of it) drive business formation and job creation. Nick says Henry Ford doubled the wages of his employees. What he did not say was how Henry did it. That was by single-handedly inventing the automobile assembly line that produced TWICE as many cars with the SAME AMOUNT of labor cost. No mystery, just labor productivity improvements supporting wage increases. The antithesis of Henry Ford? The recent taxpayer funded GM bailout costing tens of billions after the UAW union had driven GM into bankruptcy after 30 years of never ending monster wage hikes and lucrative benefit increases while NEVER increasing productivity and car output to pay for any of it. The taxpayers got screwed by union labor one more time. Tell me the last time you heard any union promise to greatly increase labor productivity and improve quality in their contract in order to pay for their wage/benefit demands? YOU CANNOT. It is ONLY productivity improvements that increase living standards.
Nick complains the jobs crisis is because Republicans refuse to work with Obama. Nick is somewhere in outer space with his logic, like most liberal-progressive.socialists. It seems Nick forgot the voters had the opportunity to change the color of Congress a few months back. They DECLINED to do so. In fact, when voters gave Congress back to Republicans in 2010 they did it with the BIGGEST landslide in 75 years, after Obama and both DONKEY Congresses had crammed down TAX AND SPEND INSANITY on voters for two solid years. Nick seems to have a memory capacity shortage. Obama now has lowest job approval ratings of his presidency with GOOD REASON. The electorate has smartened up. After 5-years in office, George Bush, Clinton and Regan all had higher job approvals than Obama now has. Like all liberals, Nick has to find somebody to blame. It is all Democrats know. . .  blame somebody. At least he stopped blaming George Bush — that took five years. Now it is just GENERIC Republicans to blame. Tell you what Nick, I give you a chance to put your liberal BS blabber where your mouth is. I bet you even money that 12 months from now there will be MORE Republicans in both the Senate and the House than there are today. You name the amount. If you think Democrats are so GREAT then put up or shut up. The public has had it up to their EYE BALLS with Democrats and their OVER-THE-TOP, endless failure of Obamacare with more horror stories that come out every day. Get this, 60 percent of the UNINSURED do not even like or support Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office just reported Obamacare will destroy the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs over the next few years and cost businesses ONE TRILLION dollars in new taxes and expenses. Nick, you think that STIMULATES business investment and job CREATION? We NOW have the FEWEST small business start ups in 20 years. American businesses refuse to invest because Obama is a crazy man, continually demonizing them and their profit motive while threatening new taxes and new regulations to hand cuff them in EVERY SPEECH. There has never been any president more threatening to business on every level, on every front than Barack Obama.
Tony Boutin