Shut out Fox News & you shut out park of what happens in world

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To The Daily Sun,

I saw a bumper sticker on a car a few days ago. It read: "Don't watch Fox News". I wondered why someone would want to shut out part of what happens in the world.

Remember the Trevon Martin case? Who doesn't? The non-Fox News media ran this story in the front page for several months and even created a new race classification; "White Hispanic". George Zimmerman's name appeared daily in the news media and even after he was acquitted. I'm guessing this person who doesn't watch Fox News was well versed in the names of the "victim" and the "assailant".

A few months ago in New Jersey, a man was murdered in front of his wife by four men who simply killed him for his car. This story made the non-Fox News for a few days until it was learned that it was four black men who killed a white man. There was no question about these assailants not killing out of self-defense. It was a brutal murder by four men. Do you think that person with the bumper sticker can name just one of those assailants or the victim? Of course not, because this story did not fit the non-Fox News media agenda and it was dropped from the radar.

Dennis Robitaille