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Town of Gilford lost perfect money maker in Kimball Castle

To The Daily Sun,

It will be sad to see the old Hathaway House go, and I hope that people will now know that the way of your word and a handshake are no longer the norm. It is sad to see such ways of life now needing everything to be put to paper. Perhaps we need to be more careful of the people running the offices granting permits to open businesses and have them attend classes so that they will know that everything has to be put in writing.

They call it progress, tearing down the old which has lasted many years due to craftsmanship and building new which will last till the next bad weather. It seems like nothing is built to last any more.

The Town of Gilford lost a perfect money maker with Kimball Castle. As it stands now, it will surely be torn down. Yes Charlotte Kimball left the estate to the town to be used as a nature preserve, but as usual, the powers that be couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and see that a property of this stature could put many people to work, as we were not in need of jobs in the area at that time. It is not too late to make this property a money maker, if only there was someone willing to take charge who didn't think of their own pocketbooks first.

While I am on the subject, there was over two 200 acres left at the time of Miss Kimball's death, so why is it listed as only 20? Where did the other one hundred and eighty acres go? Wake up people. The people who are in office, deciding how our lives are to be spent, along with our meager savings, are not as intelligent as you think they are. Not one of them is capable of running a business, which when you stop and think about it, is what a town is.

Bev Buker


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