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My professional experience and education will serve town of Hill well

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To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the community of Hill:
My name is Tom Seymour and I am announcing my candidacy for the open seat on the Hill Board of Selectmen. As a New Hampshire native and life-long resident of the Lakes Region, I love the small-town atmosphere in Hill. I want to help preserve all that makes Hill the town my wife, Lisa, and I enjoy. Our grandchildren love to visit because the town is friendly and safe. They especially love playing at the town park. Lisa enjoys taking her regular runs through the town's streets and we can often be seen walking together in town — especially on warm summer afternoons. There is a real sense of community in Hill. We know our neighbors, we know our community, and we pitch in to help one another.

Small town life is attractive, but it can be difficult to maintain. I have witnessed changes in other small towns over the years that diminished the sense of community and belonging. Demands on town services, such as police and fire protection, highway improvements and maintenance continue to increase. Continued well-controlled, well-planned growth and spending will assure Hill remains the town my wife and I have come to enjoy over the last 12 years. Progress may be inevitable — even necessary; but making smart, affordable choices can assure effective and efficient town operations and growth.

A graduate of Winnisquam Regional High School, I completed my degree work with Lakes Region Community College and Southern New Hampshire University (MBA). I am employed by EPTAM Plastics, the largest precision plastics fabricator in the United States, in Northfield, NH. As Quality manager, I also oversee Continuous Improvement, Information Technology and their respective budgets. I also participate with other senior management staff in setting policy, creating fiscal plans, and strategic planning. As vice president and member of the board of directors of the Granite State Animal League, overseeing the operation of the Franklin Animal Shelter, I also help establish budgets and fund raising events.

I believe my professional experience and education will serve the town of Hill well and I am excited about the opportunity to represent the citizens as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I ask for your vote on March 11, 2014.

Tom Seymour