Ms. Doyle certainly has right to own opinion but not to mine

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To The Daily Sun,

I don't know Denise Doyle, but someone told me she is secretary of the Belknap County Democratic Committee. I read her letter in the Laconia Daily Sun on Nov. 19, where she criticizes Jeanie Forrester and the GOP about the Medicaid expansion in the state of N.H. My comment would be to investigate all avenues, instead of selecting your own dictates, this is political bias. Did Ms. Doyle go to the hearing in Concord about this issue? I was there and listened to both sides of the bill.

What did my article say on Jan. 15? Was it about the Belknap County taxpayers? Was it about the elderly retired citizens? Yes, it was about everyone. Ms. Doyle is reading between the lines and interjecting her own interpretation into the context of my article. Selective reading and writing. Ms. Doyle has the right to her own opinion, but not mine. To read about how bad the economy is go to the Washington and get the real figures about the inflation rate, health care costs, transportation and housing costs.

Commissioner Thomas does need to apologize to Rep. Worsman and the citizens of Belknap County. He needs to be accountable to the people who elected him! The statement "enough Dennis" means he is beyond the agenda. It surely differs from being told "go to hell". Respect for Rep. Worsman as a woman and state rep. is important to many female and male readers and voters. This kind of language is shameful from an elected commissioner. Everyone in the county should be appalled regarding Ms. Doyle statement condoning disrespect for a woman!

I think Ms. Doyle needs to educate herself about Medicare and pension plans. A quote from John Adams, our second president: "Facts are stubborn things". You cannot walk in someone else's shoes, nor can you place yourself in someone else's mind and decision making. I don't engage in peevish argument.

Rosemary Landry