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To say that liberals hate Christians is just plain nonsense

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To The Daily Sun,
I have been reading the letters to this paper for more than five years now, and was thinking about some of my favorites. One that certainly qualifies is from a state representative who bemoaned the fact that environmentalists were to blame for a snowy day pile-up on 93 south some years ago. I have driven on that highway in the snow and watched people driving like maniacs and seen cars smashed together or off the road way. Might it be that if people would drive using some degree of caution, that pile-up wouldn't have happened?
Another of my favorites is just about any letter from the woman who likes to talk about, you know, "those people". I think I know who she is talking about but I could be wrong. And we can't forget the letter that called for forced abortions for a "certain segment" of our society. Just who do you think should be the recipients of this medical procedure, I know it's tough but be honest for a change, could it be, you know, "those people"?
Of course there are always letters about our current president. Now I was never a big fan of his and would gladly debate his actions with anyone willing to be honest about his policies, but honesty seems to be sorely lacking from most right-wingers. I can understand people who get what they consider "news" from Fox. One guy even wrote a letter saying we liberals get our news from the "Daily Show". It's certainly understandable he thinks that, if he gets his news from the Fox comedy network, but he neglected to mention the wonderful "Colbert Report". Honestly I had never seen an entire Daily Show until I read that letter, and I want to thank him for making me curious about it, it is really funny most of the time. The difference being I understand that it is supposed to be funny, whereas Fox is actually supposed to be serious.
Although I can't say there is one letter about the right claiming they are the party of "personal responsibility" I always get a kick out of that claim. I was sad when they tore down what I considered a shrine to that claim on Route 106 in Belmont; you know, where the former owner had blamed the president for his dealership closing. Never mind that Chrysler had stated that they would be closing under performing outlets, it was all the president's fault.
Then there are letters about the "evil unions". I wonder where most of the middle class would be today without unions. Even most of those folks making a living wage in non-union work places, can thank the threat of unionization for their pay and benefits. Take away that threat and you can say goodbye to a decent wage, and those benefits, gone. My dad was a tool and die maker, he was also active in his union, very active. When, after over 40 years on the job he wanted to retire, he was begged to stay on another year. Three years later he finally retired. My dad was also a Christian, a real Christian, as was my mom, and I loved them dearly; we were also all Democrats and proud of it. To say that liberals hate Christians is just plain nonsense. My folks were never wealthy, but we all had rich friends whom we also loved. Try to be honest with your statements, it's something I learned from my parents.
Religion is another favorite topic of mine in this paper. One letter that stuck out like a sore thumb was the one where the guy was complaining about liberals saying that we have freedom from religion. And on the whole, that's a true statement no matter who says it. He was referring, I have to guess, to the very reason Europeans came to this land. Freedom from religious persecution. But just lately a whole lot has been said about Muslims. I know and have known people of all faiths over the years, some Muslim, they were all good, hard working people. I hope to never read one day an essay that begins: First they came for the Muslims . . .

Just read the letter from the poster boy for changing the Republican mascot from the elephant to an ostrich with its head firmly planted in the sand. In his letter he claims that MSNBC "is staffed by the most outrageous, foul mouthed unprofessional collection of left wing dregs ever assembled". I have to agree that Joe Scarborough is foul mouthed and unprofessional but Joe may take exception to the "left wing" label. Most of his "proof" falls under the half truth heading, and wasn't it a right winger that said half the truth is a whole lie?
And last, but certainly not least, is liberals want to "ruin America". We want to destroy the Constitution. I have read letters saying that the editor of this paper should "edit" letters from liberals to conform more to the writers way of thinking. We shouldn't have abortions, but killing a young man who was walking home, minding his own business is considered not only okay, but God's will. Now to finish I have to comment on the "Ode to business" printed in this wonderful paper. Most of it was true about most businesses, but I have to know if the guy who wrote it would like a nice fresh glass of West Virginia water.

Marty Valengavich