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Planned Parenthood helping to kill unborn child is a tragic evil

To The Daily Sun,
This letter is in response to Gail Morrison's letter in The Daily Sun on Friday.

First of all, you refer to half the population benefiting from the Roe v. Wade decision. A majority of women choose life for their babies even if there were no Roe v. Wade decision. Secondly, women with babies also "blossom at home" and love their babies and maybe "blossom" more than those who have murdered their infant. It seems that you are saying that women blossom at home and on the job only if they abort their baby. This isn't true! To have Planned Parenthood help a woman kill her unborn child is a tragic evil. Abortion for the convenience of the parents for careers or pleasure is a malicious act against an innocent baby.

Joe Kenney has publicly stated that he is pro-life, thereby my hope is that he will stand against Planned Parenthood. The Executive Council was correct in voting down the funding, and it should stay that way. An image of scissors cutting a baby into parts is what I have when I think of an abortion. A baby is more than a group of cells.
Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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