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Feds trying to take over planning & zoning in New Hampshire

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To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday, January 30, Gerald Coogan, an unelected official who's on the payroll of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, sent in a correction to another local newspaper about the "official" website for the massive federal top-down planning program called the Granite State Future.

I went to both websites, www.granitestatefuture.org and www.GraniteStateFutures.org and was stunned at how the official website is lacking in-depth information about what's going on with this federal planning and zoning program.

Why is that? Why doesn't the official website contain the following scary statement on their home page taken from one of the official Granite State Future documents? The abstract of the Granite State Future project summary says on page 15:

"Anticipated barriers (to incorporate the Granite State Future plans), including N.H.'s strong tradition of individual property rights and resultant resistance to planning and zoning; and a currently strained state budget that will limit state agency's capacity to conduct future planning efforts."

Ouch! You didn't have to get an A in high school English to understand that.

Granite State Future is going to take away individual private property rights and create MORE restrictive zoning on private land.

If you go to the www.GraniteStateFutures.org website — the one with the "s" on the end, you quickly discover Granite State Future is a massive federal, not New Hampshire, planning program that has built-in mandatory outcomes.

Because the nine New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions (NHRPCs), who are filled with unelected and unaccountable officials, accepted millions of dollars of federal grant money, the NHRPCs MUST incorporate mandatory federal planning standards into our local master plans!

The Nashua Regional Planning Commission, representing all nine NHRPCs, signed a legally binding agreement with the federal HUD department stating as much. In other words, the citizens of New Hampshire are being sold down the river by unelected officials.

I did some quick research and discovered the feds are trying to take over the planning and zoning in many other states including New Hampshire. Here's a very short list: San Francisco — One Bay Area Plan; East Tennessee - Plan ET; Upstate New York - One Region Forward; Florida - Seven50.

I urge you to go to the GraniteStateFutures.org and watch the video at the top of the home page. Wait until you see what Greg Carson, the top federal HUD official in New Hampshire has to say. Wow!

I fully expect Jerry Coogan or some other unelected planning official to write back saying, "We don't understand why Mr. Carter is against planning."

What I'm against, and you should be too, is the federal government ramming their plans down my/your throat via unelected bureaucrats that are completely unaccountable.

Wake Up and react citizens of the Lakes Region if you don't want your individual property rights taken away!

NOTE TO MR. COOGAN: If you'd like to debate any of these facts in a public forum, please contact me. Let's allow the public to decide what's best for New Hampshire, not you.

Tim Carter