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Be very, very careful when driving around LHS, especially at twilight

To The Daily Sun,

Several potential angels did NOT get their wings tonight and had they, it would have been my fault and something I would have had to live with for the rest of my life.

Traveling down Union Ave., past the high school, just before AutoZone, not sure if there's a crosswalk or not with it being twilight, a lot of traffic as it was 5:40 pm, all the salt on the road, and most of these kids dressed in dark clothing. . .

Traffic continuing along to a light just turned YELLOW, NO STOPPED TRAFFIC and these ALMOST angels decided to cross the street right then and there, right in front of me, necessitating me hitting my brakes, not a gradual slowing as one approaches a light. Only ONE was dressed in a white and pink colored jacket, which is what I caught out of the corner of my eye; the rest blended in-all dark clothes-and no, the light from AutoZone did not help as watching traffic, watching lights, and jockeying for correct lanes takes a bit of coordination and concentration...

Naturally the kids all thought this was hilarious and LOVED the horrified look on my face and just started, and continued to cross the street, with arms raised, thumbs and pinkies extended in Thank You, Thank You style... and all laughing...

So to all of us traveling anywhere near the high school where these brain trusts are crossing the street because they have the right, and traffic MUST stop for them and have our vehicles under control at all times, be very very careful at twilight and after dark as well, because you never know when another angel will get their wings... and yes, it WILL be your fault.

Judi Leavitt


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