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So-called progressives support abridgment of individual rights

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To The Daily Sun,

I see in the news that Mayor Bloomberg in NYC says there is no room in that city for conservative extremists. Who was it he called extreme? For one, the right-to-life folks. So what is extreme about that? For millions of years, mothers and fathers have cherished and protected the lives of their children, born and unborn. It is as instinctive as breathing yet progressives insist on abortion on demand as women's health and planned parenthood. Poppycock, it isn't either of those things, if anyone is extreme it's they.

How about those "extreme" Tea Party folks who want a smaller less intrusive government which obeys the laws, follows the Constitution, is less wasteful, and is accountable to we the people? That's extreme? I don't think so. Then there are those terrible legal gun owners who are among the most law abiding segments of our society. Only about .02 percent of them get involved in violent crimes. That is so far from extreme as to be laughable
What is extreme is a president who disobeys our laws, selectively enforces or refuses to enforce them, disregards the Constitution and Senate leaders that allows him do do so.

Progressives they call themselves but what is progressive about them? They support the abridgment of individual rights where it suits them, lack the slightest modicum of tolerance and respect for different opinions and are so terrified of those who are not them they would rather label them racists, extremist's, rednecks, claim they are against women, minority's and religions. So afraid in fact that demonize any news stories, any news channels, papers or publications that tell people facts they do not want people to know. That attitude and behavior is what is extreme.
Steve Earle