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Dems want us to prefer equality of slavery to inequality of freedom

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To The Daily Sun,

Fifty years ago this month Lyndon Johnson announced his war on poverty in America to much fanfare. The heart of Johnson's program promised to eradicate the sources of poverty, not simply increase welfare. Johnson often used the phrase he would convert "tax eaters to tax payers". The sound bite played well. A laudable goal. I have personally visited Johnson's boyhood home in Texas. I stood in the room where Johnson slept as a boy, I sat where he had lunch and I walked outside where he played. Johnson surely had a humble beginning. After visiting his home It is more than understandable why he would have declared war on poverty.
If nothing else, we must be honest with ourselves about what Johnson's war accomplished, which is very little if anything at all. In fact, Ronald Regan declared 25 years later that the Johnson's war was dead. Poverty had won. It still wins. The percentage of people in poverty is little changed today from when Johnson first declared war. In fact if we count those in poverty exactly the same way we did in 1964 the percentage of people in poverty has increased. This, after an expenditure that exceeds more than TWENTY TRILLION dollars over the past 50 years. An incredible sum of money by any measure. The worst of the the failure, the origins of poverty that keep people poor still remain as deeply entrenched as ever and the government incentives (handouts) that keep people in poverty are stronger and more powerful than ever.
The statistics are more than horrific. There is no single factor that tracks poverty better than marriage. The person born to a single parent is four times more likely to live and die in poverty. The person born to a single parent is three times more likely to go to jail. In 2012 the poverty rate in those families headed by couples was 7.5 percent. The poverty rate of those with single mothers was 34 percent, while the the number of single mother homes skyrockets. The out of wedlock birth rate for whites in 2012 was 28 percent. Out of wedlock births for Hispanics was 52 percent, Out of wedlock births for Blacks was 72 percent. The average out of wedlock birth rate in 1964, at the start of Johnson's war, was 6 percent. The new nation of single parents has ushered in a lowering of living standards, a declining middle class, an exploding lower class and a myopic obsession with economic equality founded in envy.
The Democratic Party has promised to rescue the poor since FDR. It is pure political calculation. The poor remain poor because Democrats want them that way. The poor are the the only economic strata that vote for them with certainty ... ASK YOUR SELF ? Why would Democats want FEWER poor if they NEED them, in large numbers, to win politically? THEY DON'T, they want more poor and produce more. That is why seven decades after Roosevelt, POOR, poverty and welfare are found in abundance every where with Democrats screaming INEQUALITY. That is the HOOK that keeps the poor, poor. Alexis De Tocqueville wrote about this 150 years ago (yup, the heartless donkeys have used the equality fishing LURE to hook poor, for that long). Democratic institutions awaken a passion for equality they can never satisfy. The poor become exited over an advantage that appears within their grasp (FOR THEIR VOTE). Democrats foster feelings of envy and a depraved taste for equality which compels the weak to take down the rich and powerful to their level reducing men to prefer equality in slavery over inequality in freedom.
Tony Boutin