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Our U.S. voting process is on a par wiht third-world countries

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To The Daily Sun,

One of the best kept 'secrets' that is allowed to exist in the entire United States is that our voting system is totally broken. If you doubt this, do a little research.
The Bipartisan Commission on Election Reform is a commission in place that was formed to simplify our national, state, city and town voting process. One of its primary recommendations — voting should not take more than one half hour to complete. Since it was created almost nothing positive has been done to improve the efficiency, or ease, or fairness of the way Americans vote for the people on any ballot.
Sounds farfetched. Well ... sad to say it's not.
What could possibly be the problem with the system of voting? One thing stands out: the way that states' rights have been misused. The same way that they were used as a justification for secession, segregation, and suppression of equal rights.
We may be an advanced country in many ways, but our voting process is on par with third world countries.
Happy about this? I'm not.
What can be done to bring about the much needed change?
Simple-call, write, and email your elected officials. Start with your representatives and senators both on the state and national levels. Let them know that you support the president's initiative to fix our voting system in a uniform manner once and for ALL of us. The vote is a fundamental right of each and every American citizen. It is not something to be controlled and manipulated by the privileged, PAC's, secret money, special interest groups or any particular party.
It's time.

Bernadette Loesch