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What happened to lady who lied for Obama? She was promoted

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To The Daily Sun,

I just can't believe Bernaditte Loache's letter her in Tuesday's paper. She asks me to what end I write my letters, what wrong doings in Washington, (what scandals, broken promises, lies, failures, wastes. corruption and all)? "All" being "wrong doings", Bernie.
Geeze, If I hadn't read so many of her letters here before I'd have to ask, what planet did you just arrive from?
But no, Bernie has been around for some time telling everyone not to listen to or read anything but MSNBC and 27 other left wing "news sources". Though this is probably why Bernie just can't imagine what I'm talking about. MSNBC is staffed by the most outrageous, foul mouthed, unprofessional, collection of left-wing dregs ever assembled. So for Bernie's sake I'll give her a couple examples of what I refer to.
How about the "Fast and Furious" scandal where witness' before Congress either lied, took the fifth, then stonewalled, and then were promoted by the president. These people were promoted in spite of the deaths of hundreds. How about after Benghazi, someone sent our U.N. ambassador around the Sunday morning talk shows spinning the lie it was all about some YouTube video, and a demonstration that got "out of hand". A PROVEN LIE. What happened? The lady was promoted. How about Mrs. Clinton when questioned about it, asked Congress " What does it really matter?" Now she's the Democratic Party's leading candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Then there was the IRS scandal. Anyone held to account there yet Bernie? No, why is that?
So in spite of the stupid attempt to shut off debate by Bernie and Co. I will continue to write my letters even if she is unable to comprehend reality.
Steve Earle