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Only type of power not proposed for Newfound area is nuclear

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To The Daily Sun,

Plans for an additional massive wind farm, more than 500 feet tall, within a village community in Grafton County, next to Cardigan Mountain and Newfound Lake, has been filed.

Iberdrola Renewables wants to build another wind farm in Alexandria and Danbury, near the banks of Newfound Lake.

The firm says their plans to install 23 turbines will go forward. The power plant will ship electricity to NSTAR in Massachusetts.

This statement coming on the heels of both towns voting, for a second time, to oppose the development. One Danbury resident exiting the meeting on Wednesday night described the turbines as "the biggest thing you will ever see".

The turbines are among the tallest of any application lodged in New Hampshire and will become the tallest structures in the state. One Alexandria resident said the Groton wind turbines can now be seen from Winnipesaukee and that she believes this new farm will be seen by much of the state — maybe as far away as Vermont at night.

For the better part of 2013 an Iberdrola Renewables representative, Ed Cherian, stated they would not build here if the community did not want them. Ed is on record making this statement in our community on several different occasions. Iberdrola has carried out many propaganda initiatives like this in our community including: mailings, telemarketing, school lectures, local sponsorship programs, college donations and many private meetings... just to name a few.

Some good news that has come out of all of this — a second round of overwhelming opposition. (An official town voting record: spring 2013 and winter 2014). Opposition has grown since the first town vote last year. Selectman in towns affected and surrounding towns will start getting involved and will represent the views of their constituents.

Many N.H. residents outside of our community are oblivious to our situation. Keep in mind this is not the only NEW power project in the pipeline for our area. The Groton Wind Farm has been built on the mountaintops at the north end of Newfound Lake. Three more wind farms are proposed for the northeast and southeast corners of Newfound Lake. And Northern Pass is scheduled to pass through Bridgewater on the west side of Newfound Lake. All this on top of four existing renewable energy plants. It's hard to believe, right? Newfound lake is under attack.

So the question at hand is: Will the state allow the Newfound Lake area to be home to five existing power plants, three new wind farms and Northern Pass? That's a total of nine power projects within a 15 mile radius.

The only type of power not proposed for the Newfound Lake area is a nuclear power plant.

Ray Cunningham