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Focus we put on Bieber instead of Bergdahl speaks to our character

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To The Daily Sun,

Bieber arrested . .  . Bergdahl, American POW. . . two names in the news. One very much grabbing headlines. The other for few hours. One well known by probably most Americans with an opinion of some kind. The other known by those with only an interest in service to country. One will continue to be in the news for days and weeks to come. The other had his "day" and we'll not hear again until another "proof of life tape" and word from his family that they still wait and pray for his safety, release and safe return home. One is an American ententainer, young, wealthy, with hopefully a future with an abundance of rights and privileges. The other young, an American Soldier being held POW in Afghanistan going on five years, with an unknown future who has sacrificed and suffered for the freedom and rights of the other.

The focus we place on these two young men may well speak to the character of our country... image and story speaks to our values, faith, trust, responsibility and accountability ... the soul of who we are as a people?

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American POW, captured June 2009. "If your son, would you care"?

Just a thought.

Bob Jones