Rep. Fields has tried to bring convention into established practices

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To The Daily Sun

I can appreciate the fact that you print letters with grammatical and factual errors, so letter writers can speak in their own voices.

Despite my wish not to join the letter-writing hysteria, I must correct a couple of points made by Ms. Landry of Meredith: I clearly said, "Every penny matters." I do not trivialize tax money and never have. My friend, Representative Fields, has tried his hardest to bring the Belknap County Convention into established practices, instead of the take-no-prisoners rush to undercut our county workers involved in some of the most difficult work imaginable. Had Representative Fields' advice been heeded, we (county taxpayers) would not be expending thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Unfortunately, our convention's belief that we can make up the rules as we go along suggests that legal fees will likely not stop in the near future.

Rep. Ruth Gulick

New Hampton