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Rep. Worsman was directly & openly insulting from the start

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To The Daily Sun,

I was curious to read the recent letter from Rosemary Landry in which she called upon Belknap County Commission Chair Thomas to apologize to Rep. Worsman and for Rep. Fields to come to meetings with new ideas instead of insulting remarks. I do not know Ms. Landry so do not know if I have seen her at convention meetings but her comments suggest that if she is there she is not listening to what Rep. Worsman says and how she says it. After one meeting last April, I wrote a letter as I was completely shocked by the things that Rep. Worsman said and how she said them. I have been to numerous meetings over the past year and if anyone should be giving out apologies it is Rep. Worsman. She is blatantly rude to the commissioners, the county staff and to any representative who does not agree with her and she has been that way from the start. She has directly and openly insulted them meeting after meeting. As Convention Chair, Rep. Worsman has set the tone and example for unethical and unacceptable behavior that Ms. Landry accuses Mr. Thomas of. I have yet to hear, or read, any apologies from Rep. Worsman and until she does make apologies neither Ms. Landry nor Rep. Worsman should expect it from anyone else. As it is said, we reap what we sow.

I have heard Rep. Fields voice suggestions at meetings but he, like the commissioners, is given no respect because he has differed with Rep. Worsman on a number of occasions. When he took a position last year that was contrary to Rep. Worsman's, she very quickly cut him off him by saying two words very tersely and emphatically — "enough Dennis". Is that respectful or how a professional responds?
I wonder if when Ms. Landry was working how she would have felt if someone who was retired said that Ms. Landry did not deserve a pay increase because they had not gotten one. For those who are lucky enough to receive pensions it is commonly understood that their monthly pension amount remains the same ongoing — they are no longer working and their pension amount was set when they retired. It is the same with Social Security, with the amount set when applied for and, while nice to receive, cost of living increases are not guaranteed. When someone is retired it is an entirely different situation then those who are in the work force. I do not know anyone who is now retired who expected to work year after year without any pay increases when they were working. Our town and county employees work hard and we all benefit from their efforts. They are active in the work force and are certainly deserving of at least nominal pay increases if their performance supports it. We are all fortunate that people choose to work in the public sector; we should respect and support them for doing that and not begrudge them a pay increase they have earned and deserve.

Denise Doyle