Kenney will stand by his values & not waver in political breezes

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To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Niel Young's letter of Friday. I dryly note that while Jane Cormier may be in his "NOT friends" category (a rather large set of people, I imagine), I am quite sure I rate much lower than that (if at all, eh Niel?).

That said, ditto pretty much the rest of what he said; my vote is going to the conservative in the Special Election for District 1 Executive Council seat — Joe Kenney. He knows how the state political system runs, the doggedness and discipline of a prior Marine, and the conservative values as a foundation. It is time to elect someone who follows and stands by his values instead of the go-along-to-get-along mantra that waver in any political breeze.

He certainly has my endorsement.

Skip Murphy