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Mr. Boothby is just another in a long line of typical politicians

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to comment further on the letter written in the January 18 issue of this paper by Thomas Tardif reminding us of the embezzlement of funds by the former County Administrator, Nancy Cook, which occurred under Mr. Boothy's watch as county commissioner. Your right about him (and the other commissioners) not fulfilling his fiduciary responsibilities. As if this were not bad enough what happened after is even more reason for the voters to shun Mr. Boothby.
When Ms. Cook was relieved from her office of county administrator she was replaced with the current administrator Debra Shackett, there are a lot of questions surrounding this decision. The job description for county administrator in every county in New Hampshire states that the MINIMUM educational requirement be a BS degree in a related field, (some require MS), yet Ms. Shackett has only a high school diploma. Why would the commissioners fill this important position with someone so woefully unqualified? Could the fact that she was related to a prominent state representative have anything to do with it?
I will remind everyone that Ms. Shackett's salary is $106,000 per year, plus perks. I believe this make her the highest paid county employee. Not bad for a high school graduate. What do we say to all those in our community who worked hard and went into debt to get the educational training that qualifies them for positions like this? What kind of message are we sending to our kids? Hard work means nothing, it's connections that matter. This is the status quo that politicians like Christopher Boothby represent.
It seems to me that Mr. Boothby is just another in a long line of typical politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths, yes for me, no for you, depending on what the listener wants to hear. Just another politician who will take care of himself and pals and those who are politically connected.
The way our county government is currently run is a total train wreck. The underlying reason for this is poor leadership and bad management. As a result you have the 28 non-represented employees of Belknap County now throwing in with the Teamsters, not only to protect their pay and benefits, but to insulate themselves from the poor decision making of the current administration. I don't blame them one bit they are being attacked on all sides.
In my opinion Mr. Boothby is seeking election to enrich himself and others like him who have the right connections at the taxpayers expense.
Gordon Blais