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Mike Cryans is best candidate to continue Ray Burton legacy

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to voice my support for Michael Cryans for Executive Council. As we all know from our experience with Ray Burton, the position of Executive Councilor is very important. It requires a concern about all of the citizens of a very large district, and it requires considerable dedication. Mike Cryans knows what it means to work for the small towns of New Hampshire. Mike is a native of Littleton, and currently lives in Hanover. Mike has spent 18 years serving the people of Grafton County as a county commissioner, almost all of them side by side with Ray Burton.

The first district Executive Councilor is a considerable voice for dozens of small towns in Concord, and especially in the governor's office. The district encompasses all or parts of seven counties and more than half the state's land area. Just as he has done as county commissioner, Mike's focus will be on investing in the economy, protecting taxpayers and strengthening the middle class. Most importantly, Mike will always be available and responsive to his constituents.

Mike would appreciate the opportunity as executive councilor to work to improve the lives of thousands of people located in the more northern areas of the state. He has made it clear that he is opposed to Northern Pass as currently planned. He would like to work at improving northern infrastructure and roads. As a former teacher, Mike understands the importance of investing in education.

I believe Mike Cryans is the best candidate to continue Ray Burton's commitment to the working families of northern New Hampshire, and I urge you to vote for him in the primary election on Tuesday, January 21.

Mike Conklin,