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These wars have given us heartache, suicides, bankruptcy, etc.

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To The Daily Sun,

Do you realize that this country has spent more human life, more money and more resources fighting nefarious enemies, we claim (without substantial proof) are a threat to our safety here at home? More national effort has gone into killing foreign insurgents than any other single enterprise in the last decade. Americans, for the most part, accept war and our military presence in several countries as the price we must pay to insure our security and peace — even if killing hundreds of thousand civilians is the on-going cost! We have been brutal and merciless in our vengeance against our supposed enemies, bringing terror and death to all in the cross hairs of daily raids and gunfire. Think about an alternate scenario!

Iraq was never a threat to us, in any way. The war there was based on phony information that every legislator in Washington knew was a contrived lie. We went into Afghanistan with bombs and suitcases filled with millions of dollars to buy off tribal leaders to gain information and secure loyalty, (at times it worked, only temporarily.) In Pakistan we continue we kill innocent people with drone rocket attacks, not deterred, in any way, from our fierce assault on the same element that has been there for unknown years. These internal wars are not, in any way, our responsibility. They are regional problems in countries beset — for generations, with civil wars and internal chaos and regime changes.
To be specific: This country has enriched the weapons industry in trillions of dollars in military contracts for bombs, guns, tanks and endless amounts of equipment: thru the efforts of our elected officials (the war industry's salesmen) all done without remorse or regret for the loss of human life — our brave soldiers and the faceless enemies of the poor and impoverished countries in the Middle-East. These so-called wars have been, in every conceivable way, a total waste and a serious crime that this nation will go on lying about and defending until history books in the future will deny any culpability whatsoever.
None of the countries we have attacked had anything to do with the event of 9/11. These wars have enriched corporations and the war-related industries and given the rest of us heartache, loss, crippled soldiers, suicides, bankruptcy, moral corruption — nothing more.

Leon R. Albushies