I'm sick iof candidates who will not answer direct questions

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To The Daily Sun,

The special election to fill former Executive Councilor Ray Burton's vacant seat is in a few days.

I wanted to share an email experience I had over the past three weeks with one of the candidates, Christopher Boothby.

Just after Christmas Mr. Boothby sent me a fluff piece postcard — he provided contact information and his website —  I went to his website and tried to use the contact form. It was broken. I was reminded of the Obamacare website debacle.

I sent Chris an e-mail and we went back and forth several times. I asked very specific questions about the out-of-control N.H. Regional Planning Commissions. Sadly, Mr. Boothby dodged each and every one of my questions.

This experience left me with the conclusion Mr. Boothby is nothing more than the same old you-know-what wrapped in a different package.

I'm SICK of candidates who will not answer direct questions. You should be too.

I was able to get answers to my questions from Joe Kenney. Joe will be getting my vote, and that of my wife, and kids.

If you want to see the entire e-mail exchange between myself and Mr. Boothby — the dodger — just go here: http://go.timcarter.com/boothby

Tim Carter