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We continue to fight for the Hathaway House; make your voice heard

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To The Daily Sun,

Five years ago the Laconia Heritage Commission was formed to oversee the preservation of historic properties in our community. One of the main reasons that it was formed at that time was over the community's concern for the preservation of the historic Hathaway House. The house had been bought by the DUNKIN' DONUTS franchise owner Cafua Management. Due to the city's concerns for the Hathaway House, the site plan for the new DUNKIN' DONUTS was revised to save this building. Promises were made by Mr. Greg Nolan, representing Cafua and DUNKIN' DONUTS, that the Hathaway House would be maintained and painted. This was not done. After a while there was a "For Sale or Lease" sign put on the property. Inquiries went unanswered.

Mr. Nolan and DUNKIN' DONUTS have been lying to the citizens of Laconia for the past five years. Not only was the Hathaway House not maintained, it was allowed to crumble into disrepair. In October of this year they even had someone smash out windows to make the building look worse.

For the past three months the Heritage Commission has been picketing in front of the DUNKIN' DONUTS on Union Avenue in order to point out to the community that the owners of this DUNKIN' DONUTS LIED to all of us. We have never wavered in our desire to save this beautiful old Victorian.

A demolition application has been filed by the DUNKIN' DONUTS franchisee.
The Heritage Commission would like to thank all the people who have signed our petitions, honked their car horns, even brought us coffee from other establishments. We need your help one more time. Please come to the Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 22, at 6:30 p.m. in city council chambers to voice your support one more time for the Hathaway House. Don't allow the out of town DUNKIN' DONUTS owner get away with destroying this historic landmark that means so much to the citizens of Laconia. We will continue to fight, make your voices heard.
Pam Clark, Chair

Laconia Heritage Commission