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Does she think rest of us haven't experienced take-home pay cuts?

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To The Daily Sun,

Who wouldn't like a 4 percent increase in their pay scale? Is it a barebone plan? I certainly would love a 62 percent increase in the employer share of my health care. As a retired person, my Social Security COLA went without an increase in 2010 and 2011, and only in 2012 and 2013 did we get a modest increase of 1.5 percent. My pension has not seen a cost of living increase in over four years.

What about the taxpayers? I see no concern for us at the Belknap commissioners meetings, except from the convention delegates.Colette Worsman has always been front and center for we the taxpayers. I applaud her energy for lower taxes.

We the taxpayers should be shouting how can we afford this! Where will the money come from when our pockets are being emptied by increases in health care, food, gas, and housing. We should be calling the commissioner's office and voicing our concerns at 527-5400.

What about the taxpayers? What is happening in their family lives? Will the 4 percent increase with health care benefits effect their pocket books? Each town/city has seen its own tax increase. If you add them together, the percentage is extremely high. The budget in Meredith for example includes a increase of 1.25 percent for salary adjustments for all 72 employees, together with a step increase of 2.5 percent for 60 eligible employees. Property taxes are projected to increase 4.2 percent.

A statement by Ms. Deborah Shackett, Belknap County administrator: "Nominal wage increases included in this budget will not come close to making up for the decreasing take home pay for all employees over the past three years." My question to Ms Shackett is, do you really think the residents of Belknap County can be excluded from your statement?

I would like to address another issue, which is one of respect for one another and their opinion. Rep. Dennis Fields has been disruptive at the meetings. His insulting behavior toward the chairwoman of the delegation, Colette Worsman is unacceptable and unconscionable. Mr. Fields should come to the meeting with new ideas and a mind-conscious vision of how to solve problems, instead of insulting remarks. The meetings are about facts and data, not approval from the commissioners! The budget is not about small money or pennies as stated by Representative Gulick! We the taxpayers are the main source of the money, and this is not addressed by the commissioners!

Another alarming incident occurred when Colette Worsman greeted Commission Chair John Thomas, and said "Hey how are you?" His response was, "Go to Hell." This is unethical and unacceptable from an elected official! This is verbal abuse and an immediate apology should be expressed to Colette and printed in the newspaper! Voters please remember this in the next voting cycle.

Rosemary Landry