Why doesn't Lberdrola understand what majority rule means?

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To The Daily Sun,

I am proud to live in Alexandria, where residents mean what they say and say what they mean! We have been harassed by the threat of Wild Meadows Project for over a year now and we are still strong, and united, in our opposition. Last March, we voted against industrial wind turbines in our town. Apparently Iberdrola didn't take our vote seriously and has since submitted agreements to our selectmen, as well as filing with the SEC to move forward with the Wild Meadows Project. This past week, residents of Alexandria overwhelmingly rejected negotiating any agreements with Iberdrola. Why? Because we mean what we say and say what we mean! We didn't want the Wild Meadows Project a year ago, and we don't want it now!

Support vs. opposition in Danbury, Alexandria, and surrounding towns regarding the Wild Meadows Wind Project, being pursued by Iberdrola, is nothing new. Every project in every town, everyday, over many centuries has received support and opposition — that's the way it goes. However, every 3-year-old in America understands that MAJORITY RULES! Why doesn't Iberdrola understand this? Every registered voter had the opportunity to vote. They could choose to vote for the project, against the project, or not to vote; that is their right. Even a three year old understands the bottom line — MAJORITY RULES!

Michelle Sanborn