Christopher Boothby has excellent collaborative leadership qualities

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To The Daily Sun,

Please set aside a few minutes on Tuesday, January 21 in order to vote in the upcoming Special Election for District #1 Executive Councilor. With the recent passing of The Honorable Executive Councilor Ray Burton it is very important to ensure that District #1 citizens continue to be represented by voting in the special primary election as well as the March 2014 general elections in order to fill this vacancy.

I firmly believe that Meredith's Christopher Boothby is the candidate of choice to represent all citizens of N.H. District #1. I have experienced first hand, as a member of the Meredith Board of Selectmen, the opportunity of working collaboratively with Christopher Boothby during his 12 year tenure as a Belknap County Commissioner, serving on a local non-profit board together and watching Christopher and Maren successfully operate their small business.

Christopher Boothby is an energetic, results-oriented businessman who possesses excellent collaborative leadership qualities and people skills. Furthermore, my personal experience evidences that he is also well-organized, thoughtful and timely in his decision making, and an excellent listener; and therefore is well-qualified to represent all our citizens of N.H. District #1.

Please join me in supporting Christopher Boothby in his race to serve as our Executive Councilor District #1!

Peter F. Brothers