One-sided reporting against Fred Fuller Oil was the norm last week

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To The Daily Sun,

I have been a customer of Fred Fuller Oil Co. for more than 30 years.
I have never had a problem with the firm. Last week when the company was having problems my oil supply was low.
When I could not reach the Laconia office via telephone I visited the office. I was told I would have a delivery later that evening or very early the next morning. The delivery was made in the morning.
I understood the problems the company was having. What I don't understand is the one sided reporting by some media outlets.
The worst offender was WMUR-TV in Manchester.
I retired after more than 50 years as a news reporter. If given an assignment such as this problem I was always instructed to report both sides of the story.
If seems those standards don't seem to apply to television reporters. None of them nor did any newspaper reporters bother to look for or interview Fred Fuller Oil Co. customers who have had not problems with the firm.

Gordon King