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Laconia Middle School mentoring program works and works well

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To the Daily Sun,

I am a proud member of the Mentoring Together Program at the Laconia Middle School. It is clearly an outstanding organization with several success stories.

I am the mentor of a 7th grader and thus I have learned significantly the attributes of life's future by having him as a mentee. This program is a positive outlook for our youth and I am greatly optimistic by it.

Yes, the children learn from us, the mentors; however, we can as well learn from our mentees. Here is a prime example: I come from the era of S&H Green stamps, rabbit ears and roller derby on Saturday nights. I know nothing about computers, therefore my mentee thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to operate one. My 7th grade mentee is giving me computer lessons, and he is a very good teacher.

It is difficult for me to learn new things, it takes patience on behalf of this mentee. The task at hand is not really mechanical so I guess I'm safe. My mentee is showing a display of dedication and great patience while teaching me. We are currently playing math games on the computer as I continue my quest in learning about this new venture thanks to my mentee.

In essence, the mentoring program works and works well. I am proud to be a part of it as it has so many positive rewards for all who endeavor it. The difference we as adults can make is by nurturing our future with the encouragement in enhancing a building, goal oriented aspirations with education as well as to articulate positive moral values. It is not impossible and a program such as this can make all possible.

I would greatly encourage anyone who is interested to join us. Please call the middle school at 524-4632 for details.

Remember the campaign slogan from 1984? "It's morning again in America,"? With a program like Mentoring Together I feel that a little piece of sunrise is happening in Laconia, for our kids and our future. Let's give the kids our best, they deserve our best. Good morning!

Matthew "Coach T" Tetreault