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We can trust pols, Republicans or Democrats; yes to term limits

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To The Daily Sun,

Just a week or two ago, I wrote a letter describing how power corrupts. I wrote it in the context of big government being able to harm regular people and guess what? This week we read and hear of a fine example of political abuse. Down in New Jersey, a few political stooges decided to get even with one of its city's mayors for not endorsing Gov. Christie in the last election. They screwed up the traffic flow going across the GW bridge, disrupting tens of thousands of peoples lives. These were just state underlings but they held the power over working people and they used it. Gov. Christie to his credit fired them, even though they were, or had been, trusted members of his administration.

Contrast that with the practice in Washington D.C. where quite often we see misdeeds rewarded rather then punished. This reinforces my point that we can't trust politicians. We can't trust Democrats and we can't trust Republicans and we should never give them to much power or power for to long. Term limits for congress is long overdue in my opinion.
I can't wait for the usual suspects to begin their denunciations of Christie and the Republicans. That will give me the chance to really unload on Obama and his stooges.
Steve Earle