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People who were prudent about health care now being punished

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To The Daily Sun,

It amazes me that a number of elected officials to Washington are proud of themselves for passing a law they did not fully understand and for punishing people who were/are prudent about their own health care spending decisions. Millions of responsible citizens are now forced to have health insurance policies with unnecessary coverages — with greatly increased premiums. Many are finding their trusted health care providers are not included in their new government mandated plan.

Is the "Affordable Health Care Law" really about health care? Or about government control and forced wealth redistribution? Yes, many people can now have health insurance for free or with reduced/subsidized premiums. But is making health insurance very expensive for one group of people, so that another group can have health insurance, the way to deal with health care in this county?

Does this redistribution policy improve the overall economic health of the country? Are successful business owners going to be more or less motivated to work harder when the government takes more of their hard earned profits? Are they going to expand their businesses and hire more employees? What about the people on the receiving end of this wealth distribution? Are they going to be more or less motivated to find employment or expend time and energy in learning a new or more marketable/higher paying job?

If we wish to avoid joining the ranks of failed socialist countries, repeal of the mis-named health care law is the only viable option.

Dennis Robitaille