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Cost of electricity will go up with development of wind turbines

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To The Daily Sun,

Electricity. It's everywhere. Where you live, where you work, where you shop, where you eat, where you play and where you pray. We depend on it to see, we depend on it to eat and we depend on it to heat.
Raising prices on electricity is like raising prices on gasoline or health care. I view electricity as an on/off switch but some view it as a necessity to live.
So, when I hear that electricity costs are about to rise year over year — as our government suggests. I expect things to be a lot worse.
Over the past year, you've heard me talk about how our electricity cost will rise — due to the development of wind turbines in this state.
(Remember, they'll be placed "in our state" to pass electricity to southern states at our expense.) I've told you how this is bad for our monthly bill. But what about everything else...like: mom and pop stores, schools, municipalities, churches, ice rinks, sporting events, concerts, hotels, restaurants, non-profits groups?
Utilities are a big share of expenses at these small places, and it's what makes the little business owners cry at the end of each month.
Businesses pass those expenses down to the consumer and municipalities, non-profits and churches suffer directly as a result. It's a struggle — a struggle that can alter our community.
So, ask yourself these questions: Would you mind paying more in taxes? Will you donate more money to churches or non-profits? Will you consistently donate school supplies? Will you start volunteering at non-profits? What will you do to help alter the costs?
I ask these questions because this is what southern states already do. Massachusetts towns have enacted a "pay to play" policy in schools for sports, music, arts, etc. Is that the model N.H. residents want to follow?
Are we ready to jump in their boat? Many of you moved up here to get away from that rat race... right? Or you make fun of it while watching the nightly news...right?
I look at wind turbines as having tentacles that reach deep into so many facets of our rural life: municipal, recreational but also economic.
It's not only about non-profits, it's also about business profits, jobs and a way of life. Remember an electricity bill hardly misses it's monthly destination and someone has to pay it...or the lights go out.
This is a lot bigger than just your monthly electrical bill.

Ray Cunningham