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NRA needs your support in this ongoing battle to preserve rights

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To The Daily Sun,

Exactly what will it take to make the dwindling number of Obama admirers see that his constant push for more gun control laws are a major part of his real agenda for additional people control? His administration has plenty of such laws on the books to control every aspect of illegal possession and use of a gun. Just look up Federal Firearms Laws on the net and you will find so many laws there that you will wonder why they are so rarely prosecuted. Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, takes every opportunity to blame the everyday slaughter in his Chicago streets, on the law abiding citizens, not the gangs and thugs that he chooses not to jail, using existing laws. He would rather push for new laws in an attempt to make his law abiding gun owners the criminals. You can bet the farm that he would pursue these people aggressively if he is successful. This is true in most major cities and most definitely at the national level. Obama would like nothing better that to add to his growing list of attempts to turn us in to a docile flock of sheep more and more dependent on the government. Can anyone still believe anything this chameleon, a proven liar, (think "you can keep your health care policy") when he says that he supports the 2nd Amendment?
Notice that every savage attack on schools could never happen if any existing laws could prevent them. Federal Law 922 (q) restricts firearms within 1,000 feet of a school and another section makes it illegal for a juvenile (a person under age 18) from possession of any handgun. Obviously the school attackers could care less about these laws. The people clamoring for more laws know that they wont make any difference, but callously pursue their agenda anyway. Their real objective is more and more control of the millions of law abiding gun owners, with the eventual registration and confiscation of all of our guns, just refer to Australia and England. While you are at it, check on the effect that this action had on violent crime there
I am a long time member of the NRA and you can tell that they are one of the more effective organizations, in fighting the many attacks on the 2nd Amendment, by the constant vilification of the NRA by the politicians and most of the mainstream Media. If you are a gun owner, or even a supporter of our Constitution, you should belong to the NRA. They need your support in this ongoing battle to preserve our rights and freedom.
Donald Lockwood