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Russ Wiles (1-6) 974

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To The Daily Sun,
L.J. Siden asserts, in his response to my letter on racism, "to believe that reverse racism is a bigger problem than racism — that is racism". Perhaps L.J. has not heard of affirmative action, quotas, workplace discrimination laws, etc. Perhaps L.J. is not aware of the current situation in which most blacks are harmed by other blacks. Perhaps L.J. does not realize that white on black crime is so rare that the race hustlers have to invent new names such as "white Hispanics" to perpetuate the cause of victimhood. And for heaven sake, just to bring up the issue of where race is in today's reality, is considered racist by Mr. Siden, who apparently believes this is still the 1950s and 1960s. How are those Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan records holding up for you? Okay, full disclosure, I like those folks too, though my view on their politics has changed over the years.
Since I offered lots of references in my last letter to back up my opinions, Siden belatedly offers some "real proof" of "racism" in his letter. Which in Siden's view apparently, can only be white on black. Are you ready? He cites far right-wing racist comments from right-wing sites as clear evidence. I've seen some of them and flag them as offensive to help out the editors of those sites because they do not represent the conservative view in any way. I encourage others to do the same too as they hurt the true conservative cause.
He then mentions the KKK, Neo-Nazi skinheads, Christian Identity, Black Separatists and Neo-Confederates. Yes L.J., I have also checked out the hate map sponsored by the very biased and controversial, Southern Poverty Law Center. Those groups are so on the fringe that one has to spend hours google searching to find any white on black crimes coming from those marginalized groups that have been condemned by all of civil society in a very bipartisan manner. They also do not represent the conservative view. People who belong to groups like those are emotionally unstable, paranoid loons of the type that can be found on both political extremes.
Siden mentions some very racist comments which appeared in Ron Paul's newsletters over two decades ago. Very bad indeed, but have you heard any comments or seen any video of Ron Paul making racist comments? I don't believe so. He is no more racist than Paula Deen is today. If he were, conservatives would have discredited him. Something liberals refused to do with their favorite West Virginia KKK Kleagle buddy, Democrat Robert Byrd. Overuse of the race card has diminished it's power somewhat though using it, however irresponsibly, was still influential enough to devastate Paula Deen.
He then mentions a comment made by Rick Santorum, "I don't make black people any better by giving them other people's money." Apparently, in the world in which Mr Siden lives, asserting that you are against redistribution of wealth is akin to racism. Rick is agreeing with so many black conservatives who are imploring young black people to eschew the liberal, progressive mantra. That being, if you are a poor black person, you just can't make it in this white man's world without the government supporting you cradle to grave. That is the patronizing, self-worth sucking, progressive, liberal twist on traditional racism. Star Parker, Clarence Thomas, Deneen Borelli, Ron Christie, C.L. Bryant, Lloyd Marcus, Erik Rush, Angela McGlowan, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Bill Cosby, Crystal Wright, Ken Blackwell, Charles Payne, Jason Riley, Mychal Massie, Jesse Lee Peterson, Mia Love, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Allen West, Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain and of course the brilliant Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell all would say that you are dead wrong, in my opinion. They would assert that it is the progressive, elitist, central planning mentality that has created a modern day plantation which has given the gold seal of approval for blacks and to some extent Hispanics, to accept that their lot in life is as victims of a white racist society and they should feel entitled to other people's money. Now to me, that sounds elitist, condescending and racist.
Okay Siden, one more time slowly, so you can grasp the Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey success stories. Yes, lots and lots of whites voted for Obama, twice. Yes, lots and lots of white folks tuned in to Oprah's show because they adored her. What that is meant to imply in 21st century America is that the vast majority of white people admire other folks for the content of their character and not the color of their skin (sorry, another MLK reference that L.J. thinks I am not allowed to use). Good grief L.J. Siden, that does not mean they are only successful because white folks "allowed" them to be. Man, you gotta shed some of that white guilt because it really seems to have clouded your thinking.
Finally, I am sorry (not really so much) if my calling your opinions "juvenile amateur psychoanalysis" offends you. That is my polite opinion, which is based on your spouting the "twisted logic" of a 1960's Al Sharpton thought process. Al keeps that mindset because he still makes lots of money with it, though it does nothing to help blacks today the way it did decades ago. What's your excuse Mr. Siden? Oh and by the way, I believe "we are having a genuine debate" on this issue of racism. By offering my opinion, I am attempting to discredit yours. You are correct about that. That is what letters to the editor sometimes do. Sorry if you think I am being too harsh or "crass". I think you can handle it and perhaps we should let the readers decide who's opinion has more validity. Whadaya say L.J.?
Russ Wiles