So many questions to ask its supporters about Obamacare

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To The Daily Sun,

Now that it is 2014, here are a few thoughts/questions on Obamacare:

— How many people have paid the premium?

— Who is buying Obamacare? (e.g. old, young, etc?)

— What is the cost of the website, including repairs?

— When will the website work, front and back?

— In 2009-10, Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen told us "we could keep our insurance". Why haven't they apologized for lying to us?

— Senator Mary Landrieu (LA) stated "she was misled when she voted for Obamacare". Were Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen misled?

— Rep. Shea-Porter told us that "Obamacare will reduce the deficit". Please explain how?

— Why are Dems running for the hills because of Obamacare?

— Will Reps. Shea-Porter, Kuster and Senator Shaheen run on Obamacare?

— Why was the D.C. insurance commissioner fired for criticizing Obamacare?

— Why did Sen. Shaheen want to delay the Medical Device Tax until after the 2014 election?

— Why is Senator Shaheen joining other Democrats to delay Obamacare?

— Why does Obamacare allow for children to stay on their parent's policy until the age of 26 and military (our veterans) to age 21? Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen knew this when they voted for Obamacare.

— Why does the media, newspapers, politicians say that the tax for not having Obamacare is $95? This is not true.

There are other questions but I do not expect Reps. Shea-Porter, Kuster and Senator Shaheen to answer any of them.

Jim Mayotte