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I'm not cashing in my retirement fund to 'go green' anytime soon

To The Daily Sun,

It's summertime in Antarctica and yet two ships are trapped in 10-foot-thick pack ice and one is an ice breaker. It's all very confusing because the climate scientists keep saying the world is getting warmer. But then I read in the past 10 years the average world mean temperatures have only risen, like one tenth of a degree. Australia is having the hottest summer on record but Al gore said the Arctic was to be ice free by now if I heard him right. So who do we trust? I sure don't trust Al Gore as far as I could throw him and the way that guy has ballooned up that's not far. Still something is different — but then back in the 70s scientists were telling us a new ice age was coming.

In terms of the earths age that was less then a blink of an eye, so what are we to make of these claims? The global alarmists say the extreme cold, unusually severe storms and such is all consistent with their warming theory's. But couldn't the reverse be true, that it may be the extreme heat wave down under that is the aberration? If the climate is changing is it do to human activity of natural forces? I do know that there is no shortage of people like Gore who will shill anything like a carnival barker to make themselves some money.
I sure don't know and at my age I'm not cashing in my retirement fund to "go green" any time soon. Now I wouldn't mind an electric car, or heating my home by something other then fossil fuels but the fact just is that those things just can not compete dollar for dollar with traditional fuels. Make the things cost effective, then we'll talk again.
Steve Earle


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