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Attend a Christopher Boothby event if you want to sense excitement

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To The Daily Sun,

I was taken aback by the Jan. 2 article in your paper regarding the Executive Council race. It implied that because only one person showed up at a Joe Kenney event in Laconia, that is an indication there is no interest in this race.

I would argue that you should attend a Christopher Boothby event if you want to see how much excitement there is in the Executive Council race. Recently, he held a New Year's Day brunch in Meredith that had 40 people at it, and an event in Wolfeboro that had 30 attendees. While these numbers may not seem huge, considering this is a special election in January, that is excellent turnout.

It is my personal opinion, as someone who has known Christopher for a long time and is a supporter of his, that Christopher could easily get double-digit number of voters at a coffee shop event, and I expect that he will do so sometime soon.

Please vote for Christopher Boothby on January 21, and check out his website at www.christopherboothby.com for more information.

L. Michael Hatch