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Senator Jeff Woodburn talks a good game but he's very partisan

  • Published in Letters

To The Daily Sun,

State Senator Jeff Woodburn (D-Dalton) has a creditability problem. When he's in his district, he talks a good game about bipartisanship but, when he gets to Concord, he's just another partisan Democrat attacking Republicans with half truths or outright fabrications.
Recently, Senator Woodburn wrote an article claiming Republican legislators had filed a bill for a so-called "canoe tax". Such a bill would require owners of non-motorized vessels, such as canoes, kayaks and row boats, to pay a $10 tax which would go to support spending by N.H. Fish and Game. Senator Woodburn bravely took the stance of opposing this bill.
The only problem is that there never was a "canoe tax" bill, though Senator Woodburn is quick to take credit for killing that fictional bill. The senator knew that there was no such bill in existence but decided to ignore such a trivial fact.
Maybe Senator Woodburn's fight against imaginary taxes is to distract our attention from the tax increases he does support. Despite his earlier public opposition to a gas tax, Senator Woodburn now says he'll vote to increase the gas tax.
While politicians in Washington feel it's acceptable to make false promises (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...) here in New Hampshire, we expect better.
Paul Simard