Global warming experts have lied to U.N. & fabricated research

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To The Daily Sun,

A Russian flag ship with 74 souls on board got stuck in 10 feet of ice in Antarctica on Xmas Day. Two ice breakers, one Chinese, could not break through the ice pack to reach them. The worst ice pack seen in the region in decades. A grave situation in most peoples eyes but for me, I find it hysterical, given the fact that 52 of the 74 are global warming scientists, measuring the ocean temperature and salt content and the others are volunteer Al Gore wanna-bees. Maybe when the polar bears start clawing their way up the hull of the ship, looking for dinner they might change their next report to the EPA.

These experts have lied to the U.N. and have fabricated their research for years. Fat boy Gore has made millions of the GW scare, to bad he is not on deck tonight, when the bears get hungry. Hey dummy, look over the rail of your boat, it's stuck in 10 feet of ice,and it's not going to melt any time soon.You can't make this stuff up .

Tom Sellew
Lochmere (Tilton)